I’ll be damned if I see another chick on your arm.

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best of leyton from “some you give away”

Suddenly it was as if the roar of the crowd, the echo of the final buzzers, the cheers of my teammates were all sounding from 1,000 miles away, and what remained in that bizarre, muffled silence was only Peyton. The girl whose art, passion, and beauty had changed my life. In that moment, my triumph was not a state championship, but simple clarity. The realization that we had always been meant for each other and every instinct to the contrary had simply been a denial of the following truth - I was now and would always be in love with Peyton Sawyer.

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#lmfao at this piece of shit #i love that his character is legit just there to be an asshole #that’s all THAT’S ALL #the running joke of this show being everyone else hating him im dead #ohhhh bennet corcoran #it’s amazing how attractive he is in oitnb and NOT attractive he is in this show #[patrick stewart ACTING.gif] #kind of wish he was with them in the flashfowards tbh #can you imagine him standing there like ‘duuuuuuude. look how fast this body is burning! dude!’ #’this is so much fun. i feel so close to you guys right now. hashtag besties’ #connor throws up in the background (via apriki)

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as a fellow film student here (hi there), I’m always told by my teacher that during the shooting of my practicals/short films, a scene should be properly lit to show an actor’s face unless the lack of light is purposeful to the film/plot and deliberate. (make sure you remember this. it’s important for the entire meta)

When Emma and Killian are together in a shot, they’re properly lit and you can see their faces clearly.


When they kiss, the lighting is extremely bright and manages to capture the entirety of both their faces.

I don’t know about you but I’m pretty sure that this reflects their lives when they’re with each other. Emma is Killian’s light just as much as Killian is Emma’s. Together they share light-hearted moments worth shining a light upon as opposed to all the dark times in their lives.

THAT is what I think the intention of the lighting is in this part of the scene.

Now let’s fast forward to after Emma enters the apartment and closes the door…

I never ignore the visuals of the mise en scène (everything that appears in front of the camera) in a shot. So what’s so special about this moment?


^^ This is when Emma closes the door and is no longer in the presence of Killian. Not only do we see the light on Killian’s face disappearing, we also see that Killian is standing more towards the right side of the mise en scène/shot. This somehow gives an illusion that there’s something missing in the shot and as it is missing, it’s somewhat sad. The audience sees that Emma is what’s missing since she was previously standing to the left of the frame. As Emma is missing, so is the light that was previously there. Or in other words, Killian’s light.

(I shall rewind back to when I said that I’ve been told lighting, or lack of lighting, is often used deliberately)


Killian’s face turning dark also reflects his past life as a pirate and what his life was like before Emma. Past!Killian didn’t have love (not after when Liam and Milah died) nor did he have light in his life.

What I’m trying to say is: this use of cinematography further addresses and reflects how much Emma means to Killian.

With Emma, his life has moments worth shining a light on.

The lighting also shows how much Killian means to Emma when they’re both under bright lighting. i’M SORRY I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT ANYMORE I’M JUST A BUNDLE OF EMOTION LYING ON THE FLOOR LEAVE ME BE

oh and i’m sorry this was rUDE

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 #someone explain to me how i dont even watch this show but i feel the chemistry


I live for these tags.

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best of leytonfrom ”you and me and the bottle makes three tonight”

It scares me, Peyton.// It’ll be okay.// What if it’s not?// It will be. We are going to dance at this kid’s wedding. And we’re going to spoil our grand kids together. I know it. I’m doing this. I’m having this baby.// No, we’re having this baby.

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Pumpkin carving game strong


Pumpkin carving game strong

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"Eww, I don’t like penises."

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